Serena Lake

Serena Lake is the pseudonym for Carol's historical romance writing.

There will soon be a website and blog for Serena, but in the meantime this is where Serena can be found.

Her first published stories are two pieces of micro fiction that appear in the newly launched One Word Anthology available from here for the great value price of 99p.

And 10% of the revenue from sales of the anthology goes to support the work of Medical Detection Dogs.

Cover of the One Word Anthology
You can find out more about this very worthwhile charity here.

Serena's two stories are: (Main word followed by the story title.)

Heat- 'After Heat' In this story you will meet Jago (one of my secondary characters from my Dorset novel ) and Isabella, further
along in their relationship.

(Jago thought she was a damsel in distress at the start of their story
-the novel project still in the thinking stage.)

Shift- 'Surprises' Jason discovers certain clothes belonging to a lady
in his bedroom, and he wasn't expecting company...

I hope you enjoy these moment in time pieces...


Helen Baggott - Author Services said...

Looking forward to reading more about and by Serena!

Carolb said...

Thank you, Helen.:-)