Sunday, 23 July 2017

A Graduation Day...

A few days after my workshop debut I was over in Staffordshire at Trentham Garden for the graduation ceremony of one of my triplets- I've been forbidden to show anyone a picture of them in their gown and cap, so I've had to do some creative cropping of the photos my husband took on the day...

You can see more of the gardens on the website here. The estate is 725 acres...

Perseus and
Medusa Head...
(Outside of the Gardens there's lots of car parking spaces as there's a shopping village too.)

We had the graduation entrance tickets so we didn't have to pay the usual Garden entrance fee. But for what there was the entry fee seemed reasonable.

There's a lake and a statue of Perseus and Medusa that makes you feel very small when you stand beside it!

A bit of
Trentham Lake...

The statue is a 19th century copy in Bronze that was commissioned by the 2nd Duke of Sutherland. The 1550's original by Benvenuto Cellini is in the open-air Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence...

I did regret not taking my camera with me as there were so many things I would have taken pictures of. But hopefully I will get to visit again...

I loved the Italian Garden and although it's not totally 19th century with the planting, it has used the 'historic framework', so you do get the impression of how it looked originally.

There was more water too, with fountains regularly spaced.

Fountain in the raised
garden area...
Then it was time for the graduation ceremony.

Monday and Tuesday there was one ceremony per day, but Wednesday to Friday there were two each day, and we were attending the final ceremony on the Friday afternoon.

The honorary Doctor of Arts was being awarded to author and adventurer (among many roles) Major Levison Wood, in recognition of his work as an explorer, writer and photographer. He was born in Staffordshire but did his degree in Nottingham.

(How appropriate was that!?)

It was a long two hours watching all the students, but eventually it was over and the traditional throwing the caps into the air signified the end.

They've graduated...

It was a wonderful but tiring afternoon for all of us...


  1. How lovely to celebrate the graduation in such a setting, Carol. Don't think I'd registered that you had triplets!

    1. It was a wonderful setting Rosemary, and plenty of space for the various marquees needed for everything.

      I've always treated the trio as individuals so only refer to them as triplets when needed. :-)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day, carol and you must be feeling very proud of the triplets.

    1. It was a good day Wendy, and although it was only the youngest triplet graduating that day, the first of the three has also just passed his level 3 diploma- and the one in the middle has a job, so I'm very proud of them all for what they've achieved. :-)

  3. What a lovely day, Carol with lovely memories and gorgeous photos. I love the one of you in the garden.

    1. Thanks Teresa. :-)

      The gardens were beautiful, and a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone who likes gardening.

  4. My son had his graduation at Trentham, too: a few years ago now. I used to go there a lot as a child - I'm from Uttoxeter originally - and was amazed at how lovely it is now.

    1. I was amazed how vast they were, Julia. And it looks a wonderful place for families to go to in the summer. :-)

  5. How lovely, Carol. You must be so proud of your triplets. :)

    My son is about to embark on his university years in September - sniff. I already have empty nest syndrome.


  6. Thanks Marion.

    It's amazing how quickly the time goes, but the first few months between September and December are the strangest. It took me a couple of weeks to stop calling my uni child to come down for dinner! But it does get easier.x


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