Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn Colour...

My assumption that I would be back to normal in a few more days has proved to be over-optimistic, as my ability to concentrate is still short term, so I'm holding off on my planned post- probably until next week.

In the meantime I thought I'd share a few autumn views. Even these simple images inspire ideas in my brain...

You may have seen my butterfly pictures from previous summers, so as soon as the Buddleia bush is trimmed back-to avoid fence damage in autumn high winds- I can enjoy the view of the Cotoneaster with its ripening berries, and the arrival of Blackbirds to gobble their way down the stems- between now and next spring.

Cotoneaster berries- inspiring story ideas...
In the Summer this bush gets swamped by the long branches of the Buddleia bush next to it.

This wasn't planted by us, but was seeded by the birds from droppings many years ago.

A few weeks ago the berries were at the
orange stage.

The Ivy has to be trimmed regularly, but it looks wonderful in the snow...

Ivy growing around the Buddleia
And the reminder that winter is on the way, but spring will return...

Last roses of the year...


  1. Lovely, Carol. Those cotoneaster berries almost look polished!


    1. Yes, they are shiny, Helen. I noticed it when I was trying out different angles to take the photo from.
      I expect it helps the birds swallow them easily.

  2. Lovely photos, Carol. I love Cotoneaster and have never planted one, but like you I've had them planted for me by the birds :-) x

  3. It's a good year for berries - I'm hoping for lots of feathered visitors coming to eat them this year.

  4. Evocative pictures, Carol. We don't feed the birds here but in England I did and hope to again.

  5. Hope you manage to concentrate long enough to complete your MOTY. See you on Wednesday.


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