Thursday, 3 October 2013

Disappointment is a Fact of a Writer's Life...

The short story that I entered into this year's Wells Literary Festival short story competition, didn't get into the shortlist.

I know it isn't that my story was utter rubbish, nor was it the victim of poor spelling and grammar, or even that I'm a rotten writer.

It's just didn't make the grade against other entries, those that were eventually chosen for the shortlist.

But that's life.

I now need to decide this story's future.

I still believe it has potential. And it doesn't deserve to just be put away in the box file and forgotten about.

So it will be going off to another place for consideration.

Fingers crossed it will be third time lucky... :-)

But if it's another no, then it may just end up in that file box for a while...


  1. You and me both, Carol. It's a shame - I was pretty sure the story I'd sent to Wells stood a good chance, but then that's usually a sign that it'll be coming back with its tail between its legs. My problem is that I got a prize there in 2011, with a story I really didn't think was suitable. Strangely, that makes it twice as hard to figure out what to send now!

    Good luck with your next attempt.

  2. I suspect there are a lot of perfectly good stories which fail to win prizes or be selected for publication for all sorts of reasons the writer has no control over.

  3. Commiserations, Dan. It helps to know someone else who didn't get shortlisted...

    Fingers crossed for next year.:)

    You're right, Patsy.
    It's the one area of writing that really is frustrating.

  4. At times like this, i say to myself the story just hasn't found the right judge/editior yet! Send it off somewhere else. :-)

  5. Definitely get it sent out to somewhere else, Carol - sometimes it takes a few submissions before a story hits the right comp or editor!

  6. What a shame, Carol. Definitely send it elsewhere. Why not search out some of the smaller competitions - they often have fewer entries, thus increasing your chances! Also judging is so subjective, what one judge hates another will love.
    Good Luck!

  7. Have we heard it on MM night yet, Carol? If not, bring it along next time.

  8. I'm determined to find a new home for it somewhere, Maria.

    Thanks, Rosemary.

    Yes, Sally, that's what I'm going to start looking to do next.

    Yes, Keith, I read it out last year, and it was well received.
    The only suggestions was finishing it a couple of paragraphs earlier, but that doesn't work for this story- it would have left it hanging in the air with no satisfactory end.

    Thanks for all the comments, it has certainly reassured me there is still hope for it yet. :-)

  9. I'm sorry you and Dan didn't get shortlisted, but fingers crossed for both of you in finding a new home for your stories. Good luck!

  10. Thanks, Maxi. I'll keep looking. :-)

  11. Sorry to hear that, Carol. Just remember it's only the opinion of the judge or judges and everyone's opinion is different.


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