Sunday, 5 February 2012

Saturday Snow and the Day After...

Usually the East Midlands seems to escape the snow that hits other parts of the country, but this weekend we were in just the right position for a heavy downfall.

As the Met Office and the weather forecasters on the regional news programme warned, Saturday afternoon the snow began to fall. At 3.15pm small flakes of snow began to flutter down from the murky white sky and slowly settle on the chilled ground.

As the evening passed the snow became thicker and faster and the city bus company suspended all services- not good news for anyone wanting to get home...

Eventually the snow stopped after seven and a half hours (and as predicted) there was about 10cm.

Now I've always loved snow. When I was in school, break times and lunch was snowball throwing time with all the other children, whether we were friends or enemies, and as soon as I was home it was outside to make a snowman.
No matter how well wrapped up I was, the snow always permeated my gloves and my fingers got so cold- and as soon as I was indoors in the warm and minus the gloves they came back to life...painfully.

Waking up today everything was so bright.

February 2012 Snow, Snow levels in the garden after a 7 hour fall of snow the night before.
Starting to melt by mid-morning
But it didn't last long, and the trees soon began to shed their weight in sudden falls or gentle slides, while birds dislodged the snow topping on fences as they landed or skimmed over on their morning quest for food...
Now we're into the turning to ice stage as the night time temperature falls again.

Considering how badly some eastern European countries have been suffering this past week, the UK has escaped lightly.

Now I just need to go and find my boots for Monday morning...


  1. Enjoyed the pic - I never get to see snow! Thank you :-)

  2. Seeing it is probably the best way, rather than being here experiencing the icy conditions, Diane. :-)

  3. I love the snow, and winter - it can be a nuisance at times, but doesn't it look beautiful!

  4. It may be cold but I agree it does look beautiful, Rosemary.
    When the snow finally stops falling and there's a silence, and the snow is pristine and unmarked by footprints... :-)


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