Thursday, 23 February 2012

Delving into Twitter...

This week I've been considering joining Twitter. A lot of writer friends have told me it's brilliant and worth doing.

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was being encouraged to set up a blog, and that seemed like a mammoth task then too, but once you know the basics...

I know it's much easier once you understand how everything works, just a bit scary at the start- like starting a new exercise class and not really knowing anyone there...But I actually know quite a few people who I can start by following, so perhaps it won't be as daunting as I expect.

I bought Nicola Morgan's 'Tweet Right' e-book and read it straight through- great book for those like me who can do the theory, but get a bit scared of the practical, thinking it will be difficult...

And after further reassurance and useful info from a friend (who has an e-publishing business) I'm ready to do the practical bit...

So, do you have any useful advice you'd be willing to share before I sign up?


  1. My advice would be to give it a go. I think it's one of those things you have to actually do in order to see if it'll work for you and if you like it.

    See you there - you'll find me @PatsyCollins

  2. Yes, Carol! Twitter is really good for odd snippets of information - but you need to go regularly. I'm @rosemarygemmell

  3. Well stage one has been completed and I've also mastered the following bit.
    Thank you for the welcome tweet, Rosemary. :-)

    You're right, Patsy, it is easier to do, and I think I will find it very useful.


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