Thursday, 9 February 2012

Beginning a Novel...

I've been having another rethink on my first chapter, after having tried a slightly different arrangement of words and which character reveals the sad news. But it just doesn't work so I've been rethinking again, and I'm ready to try another version.

So if like me you've ever pondered the start of your novel then you'll probably find this blog post 'What Should be on the First Page of Your Novel?' by Della Galton really helpful.

It reassures me I've got the right things there, I just need to move a few bits around in the chapter and expand some elements...

So version three beckons...


  1. Don't change it too much - you may lose its power.

  2. Thanks for the link. Try not to overthink Carol (I'm guilty for that). Sometimes when I find myself in your position I keep writing and then go back to the first chapter. It's nice when the rest of the story provides the answers you need for that first chapter. :-)

  3. I agree about not over thinking and changing too much - sometimes, our initial instinct is correct. On the other hand - often we don't know exactly how to open a novel until the rest of it is complete! Off to check that link.

  4. That's what I'm having the problem with, Baggy. :(

    Diane, my first chapter is going into the Good Housekeeping competition, so I can't leave it as I would normally have done.
    The chapter is also the key to all that happens in the rest of the novel.

    Thanks, Rosemary. I'm going with my insticts which feel right to me. I just have to jiggle a bit of the dialogue and add some essential bits.

    What the link showed me, was that I'd got the right things there. :)

  5. Hate to think how many times I've rewritten the opening to my work. until it sound right when its read aloud.

    Good luck with your novel

  6. Thanks, Jamara. I think reading work aloud is one of the most valuable tools a writer has.


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