Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Approaches...

Less than two weeks to go to Christmas Eve- twelve days in fact.

So the blog will be winding down a little as I'm trying to catch up on all the normal Christmas stuff still to do, that has been delayed by being ill.

I've got the cards ready to write, stamps for the cards, and I've started wrapping presents...

So today I'm sharing with you one of my favourite websites for Christmas, the NORAD tracks Santa site.

Early December each year I put the website onto my favourites list and check the Countdown Village each day to play the easy games they have-okay I'm not very good at anything where I have to throw basketballs into a moving hoop, as I discovered today...

For the very young out there, this is how they track Santa, and the data is "then pushed into Google Maps and Google Earth" so Santa's journey can be followed.

And even better you can view the site in half a dozen other languages beside English.

If you have friends on the other side of the world it is great fun on Christmas Eve to watch Santa reach their part of the world, heralding the approach of their Christmas Day.

Do you have any favourite Christmas traditions you'd admit to?


  1. I love that site. I found it years ago when a local store added it to their website.

    Then there were clips from celebrities, filmed talking about Christmas - it was lovely.

    I still check it out - aren't we all searching for Santa, even as adults?

  2. Hi Carol - after the little one opens her presents under the tree, and our lazy day's down the beach to cool down for us. Our Christmas days are usually very hot! :-)

  3. Baggy, I think the Santa tracker appeals to the inner child in us. :-)

    Diane, that sounds a wonderful way to spend Christmas Day. Hope this Christmas will be just as good for you. :-)

  4. Enjoy the approach to Christmas, Carol. Thanks for that link - I hadn't heard of it.

  5. Enjoy your Christmas too, Rosemary.


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