Friday, 26 August 2011

One Woman's Too Hunky Hero is Another's Delight...

Don't worry the sun hasn't gone to my head- well not too much...

If you have popped into Sue Moorcroft's blog in the last few days you will have seen her latest post 'Call To the Nation's Women: Help Us Find The Perfect Man!'

There you will find the results of The Festival of Romance's poll on romantic heroes- from asking 58 UK Romantic Novelists their opinion.
Can't say I'd entirely agree with every the items in each category: essential, desirable but not essential and not important.
I'd possibly move one or two around...

[The poll even made the Book Blogs slot in the online version of the Guardian. Do read the comments below Alison's Flood's piece, especially Sue's response to one of the commenters about hygiene...:-) ]

So if you want to give your personal view, follow the link to take the survey-further down the page on Sue's post.
The survey closes 19th September and the winning entry drawn (of those who include their name and e-mail address at the end of the survey) will win tickets to the Festival of Romance being held 21/22 October in Hunton Park, Near Watford. (You can still do the survey without leaving your details.)

While I certainly agree with the 'essential' list, I would add 'height' to it from the 'desirable but not essential' listing, but I could be biased as I'm married to a wonderful man who's
 6ft 2.

So what do you think of the author results?


  1. Of course height is important - you can't date a dip in the ground! ;-)

  2. My fella's 6' 2" tall, too, and has black hair and blue eyes. He's got many features I never thought I wanted, like a hairy chest and hairy back and shoulders, but, do you know what, the first time he ever kissed me, my head swam and sparks sparked and the things I didn't want didn't matter.

  3. It's an interesting list, Carol, but I don't agree with it all! On the other hand, what we think our ideal man is often turns out to be completely different in reality. Jacula makes a good point - it's all to do with chemistry in the end!

  4. Interesting! I value honesty and a love of animals very highly - I'm pretty sure I couldn't love someone who didn't share that - but as Jacula and Rosemary say, when the chemistry works, it works! Mine is 6' 2" as well by the way :-)

  5. I certainly agree with you all that chemistry is the important element.

    Thank you for adding your thoughts, Patsy, Jacula, Rosemary and Teresa.

    6'2" seems to be a favoured height so far...:-)


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