Thursday, 18 August 2011

I Need To Write....

I need quiet to write. I can't write on the computer with the noise my family create and the interruptions they bring when they're around.

School summer holidays are frustrating and by the first week of September my fingers are itching to get the keyboard for extended sessions to let all the pent up creativity out.

And with the recent computer upgrades it has been even worse. My brood can access their favourite websites even quicker and their, 'I've just got to read this...'is annoying; the graphically gifted offspring can do so much more on this system that hours go by- I'm normally polite, but, friendly blog readers, you probably know I am silently swearing in frustration...

I have a deadline. A synopsis and first three chapters to get ready by the end of the month for one of the annual competitions at the writers' club I attend. So my current project- my WIP, work in progress, is going to take priority for the next few days.

Instead of trying to write at the computer- in quiet I can't get- I'm going the pen and paper first route-not my normal process, so it will be different.

I have the chapter outlines I'd worked out and the early (already printed) chapters I got down before school finished (so I'm not starting from scratch). I know it won't be perfect, but it will be as good as I can get it. I can type the hand written pages as I get time (before the deadline)...

(Then later in the year there may be a paraphrasing of the judge's comments- if I've not done really badly.)

But a writer has to do what a writer really has to do, so no Saturday or Monday blog posts. But there will be as soon as possible after then.

See you next week...


  1. Good luck with getting that writing done, Carol! I definitely find that writing with pen and paper away from my computer produces much more work - must do it more often!

  2. I prefer to write directly on the computer, but agree that doing that opens us up to distractions. I get most done if I take the laptop somewhere I don't have internet access.

  3. Writing on my lappy or PC is my preferred method. However, when I've had to use pencil and paper I've been surprised how easily I've adapted.

    Hope you get loads done, Carol!

  4. Hi Carol

    Only a couple of weeks to go! If only it was sunny you could sit in the garden with a cuppa, pen and pad!

    Oh by the way, I've changed my blog address to

    See you on 7th!

  5. Well I have discovered that not only do I need quiet to write, but that I'm more productive writing straight to the computer.
    My break away did get nearly four pages written- but my writing is large...

    Thanks for all the comments, Rosemary, Patsy, Baggy and Ange (thanks for the address update too).


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