Friday, 15 July 2011

Bits and Bobs...

First the good news on the Blackbird family nesting in our garden. Two days ago the first fledgling appeared among the pots and overgrown grasses by the patio...

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I've been having to look at computers with a view to replacing the current desktop. It is still functioning but the loading time for any web page with pictures is slowing down; so the graphics card is no longer adequate for a lot of the visuals you get everyday.

So it will be Windows 7 and that means I have to sort out all my saved work on XP so it will be in a form the new system can recognise- anyone got any tips?

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If you haven't visited Sally Quilford's blog today, then do pop over and have a look at the pdf of the new guidelines for the longer My Weekly Pocket Novels.

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Jane Austen's unfinished manuscript of The Watsons was sold at auction a few days ago and sold for just under a million pounds. It was bought by the Bodleian Libraries of Oxford, so it will not be going out of the country.

She was very neat in her editing- crossed out lines were quite straight, but you'd certainly need good eyesight to read it...

You can read what there is in book form, details here.

Despite our digital world with lots of means to communicate, in the end paper will probably last a lot longer and still be able to be read...


  1. Carol - I've had to get my computer completely overhauled and cleaned up and they've put Windows 7 in now - I was using XP. But it's fine, the previous Windows files are recognised.

    The important thing to remember is when you start any new files on W7 to save them as word 97-2003 documents. Many editors still don't accept the newer docx. files.

  2. Thanks Rosemary, that's useful to know. I was worried I'd have to convert everything so it can be read.
    My computer has been through the wars and bits are broken or missing, so I'm opting for a new one this year.

    Baggy, you need to clean your glasses :-)
    I was worried I'd actually put Boobs!

  3. I read boobs originally! I will clean my mind too.

  4. I've just done the same thing for my OH and everything was straightforward except for the email.

    7 doesn't run Outlook Express but will probably come with 'Live Mail' installed. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with that.

    I eventually took it off and installed Thunderbird instead.

  5. Thanks for that info Gail.
    I'm sure once I get used to Windows 7 I'll be okay. It's just all those additional programmes you have to reload and update that you use and can't do without...
    I'm going to get together with my techy son and make a list of what specifications I need.


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