Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Writing at Last...

Just popping in quickly to share the news that my block is gone and I'm writing again.

Admittedly it isn't a new story but one that has gone through a few rewrites to get it nearer publishable standard.

It started out as a ghost story for a new annual competition at the writers' club (three plus years ago) but by the time it was ready it had turned into a potential romance. Since then it has moved back a step to the beginning of what might become a romance, but still has a ghost lurking in it...

So I'm on what I hope will be the final rewrite and after some final tinkering it will be ready to send out.
I'm aiming to get it ready for dispatch by the start of next month, if not sooner...

But at least I'm writing...


  1. Good to hear that you are writing again. That story definitely intends to be written on one form or other - good luck with it !

  2. Glad to hear it's gone :)
    Good luck with tinkering and fingers crossed for the outcome

  3. Thank you Lexia and Kate.
    I feel positive about this story, so even if it isn't wanted by the intended magazine I'm sure I will find a home for it somewhere...

  4. Thanks Patsy, it was a relief to realise that once I started tapping the keys it all came back to me without a hitch.

  5. Good luck, Carol.
    Why not bring it to the meeting next week?

  6. Excellent news - long may it continue!


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