Thursday, 17 February 2011

Health and the writer...

I'd intended this post to be about writing health- making sure you're well supported in the chair you use at the computer (no dangling feet and back supported please). Also keeping your eyes healthy when you spend a great deal of time at the computer screen (taking breaks and looking away from the screen for a few moments regularly).

But I was in an accident today- as a passenger, so I'm starting to feel stiff and I'm not sure how much typing will be comfortable by tomorrow.

So there may or may not be a weekend post, but I will be looking out for interesting things to write about next even if I'm not up to immediate typing.

Now where did I put those pain killers...


  1. I hope your aches are only temporary, Carol.

  2. Thanks Patsy.
    I have a bit of whiplash apparently.

  3. Hope you recover soon.
    Lay off the belly dancing for a while.

  4. Thanks Keith, fortunately there's no belly dancing next week as it is half term holidays...

  5. You have got the aches. And they would be temporarily. So there is no need of worry. Every thing will be ok very soon. And that will surly gives the best experience.


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