Friday, 18 February 2011


I'm feeling a lot better for resting for the day, but decided I couldn't miss my Friday/Saturday posting, so I went to find an illustration to inspire you.

I like the illustrated pictures by silentstella on Photobucket, simple but with depth- they inspire ideas for stories- well they do for me...

So I've selected one that I particularly liked and added what I thought the person in the picture was doing or thinking. So perhaps it will start you thinking and creating.

By silentstella from Photobucket

The figure could be male or female. You could set the story in another time- future or past. Nothing is impossible with imagination...


  1. That is an interesting image. I imagine that wall is very, very long. So my question would be, what made the person stop at that point? What image were they framing in their mind? Of course the wall is high and on the bike, they wouldn't have been able to see the view. Perhaps it was that - just curiosity?

  2. Interesting Baggy.
    I too think it is a long wall, but with a very rocky drop on the other side - possibly somewhere in Europe.
    I think it is late afternoon and it is warm and inducing drowsyness...

  3. So you don't think they're looking up at a UFO?

    How high would the sun need to be to create the shadow?

  4. The UFO could be advancing upon the unwary sunbather. Now how high the sun would need to be is too technical for me, but I suspect it is summertime to be able to cast the shadow over the wall...:-)

  5. I'd agree. So why is there no shadow from the person? Could be they're a ghost. They left the bike propped on its stand and then jumped off the wall.

  6. Now I hadn't thought about the shadow of the figure lacking- that's a very good point to highlight Baggy.
    Certainly looks like it could become a ghost story viewed that way.


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