Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Colour Change...

This may be the result of my trip to the hairdresser last week to have some highlights done, or because the creative side of my brain is working again (hooray).

So I'm experimenting with the colour scheme of my blog.

If you find anything difficult to read because of backgrounds or text colour then do let me know- there's an e-mail address on the right or leave a comment in the box below. I'm aware that not everyone has perfect vision (I'm off for a new pair of glasses myself this week) and some colours are just too much...

So there may be other changes after I've lived with this scheme for a few days... :-)


  1. This is fine, Carol. It's the very dark ones and black print I have trouble with

  2. Thanks for that Ceka.
    I like shades of grey and deep greens which is why I have tried them out.

  3. Grey and deep greens? It's RED and green to me ! Have I gone colour blind ? :)

  4. Lexia, not sure if you can see the grey side panels on your screen- they have a pattern. They, like the main title panel were originally red too, so I kept the main panel red as the other colour combinations didn't appeal. :-)


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